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Badger Watching

Almost every evening, badgers come to feed at our door. They are totally wild creatures and flee at the slightest disturbance, but if watchers remain still, or move with deliberation, it is commonly possible to approach to within a meter or even less, whilst they feed; speaking does not seem to unduly alarm them. Occasionally they will be accompanied by young cubs, which sometimes trot over our feet, sniffing inquisitively. Because their visiting times are very unpredictable (always after dark), it is not possible to guarantee a sighting, but chances are generally good.

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So close to the cottage, only a few minutes away. A huge nest built on top of a sturdy pine tree, and the RSPB have installed a web camera trained on the nest, enabling visitors to watch their arrival, nest-strengthening, egg-laying, hatching and eventual flight in real time.

See the male leave the nest and watch as he swoops from a hundred feet to seize a fat trout and take it to the sitting hen. Watch the chicks fledging and feeding.

From their arrival in April, laying in May and hatching in June, to departure for warmer climes in October, every day is a spectacle. We are so grateful to the couple for choosing to make their summer home with us. They certainly have taste…

There is tight, 24 hour security surrounding the site

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Birds seen from the cottage

Great Tit - Blue Tit - Coal Tit – Chaffinch – Wren – Goldcrest – Robin – Jay – Magpie – Chough – Crow – Raven – Buzzard - Sparrow Hawk – Peregrine Falcon – Falcon – Heron –Kingfisher – Dipper - Song Thrush – Blackbird - Herring Gull - Greater Black-Backed Gull - Lesser Black-Backed Gull – Wood Pigeon – Cuckoo – Swift – Green Woodpecker – House Martin – Skylark – Pied Wagtail – Grey Wagtail – Jackdaw – Dunnock – Pied Flycatcher – Spotted Flycatcher – Redstart – Mistle Thrush – Long Tailed Tit – Tree-creeper – Nuthatch – Greenfinch – Bullfinch – Great Spotted Woodpecker – Red Kite – Siskin – Carrier Pigeon – Ring Dove – Garden warbler – Black Cap – Goldfinch – Garden Warbler – Reed Bunting – Swallow – Mallard – Chough – Osprey (57 as at June 2005)

Animals seen from the cottage

Sheep! – Cows! - Lama - Horses - Fox – Stoat – Ermine – Pine Martin – Hedgehog - Field mouse – Dormouse – Badger – Water Vole - Adder - Grass Snake - Slow Worm

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